Smart living & smart city

Smart Living

The future is in the cities: 70% of the population is anticipated to be urban by 2050.

This megatrend combined with the Internet of Things (IoT) and the development of cloud-gen digital citizens is driving the growth of smart cities.

Smart cities in turn enable Smart Living which is built around the idea of creating attractive communities where people work and live in. Smart Living harnesses the power of information, communications and IoT technologies via real-time data analytics.




Comptel Helps CSPs in IoT

To be successful in IoT and to go beyond connectivity for the truly unique value, Telcos need to facilitate horizontal data refinement across vertical multi-source information. How? By enabling real-time data collection, processing, aggregation, predictive analytics and delivery.  

Horizontal data refinement is based on the Intelligent Fast Data 'engine' for IoT, telco and open data for real-time action triggering.


Smart living & smart city