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Are you well? is Comptel's first example of IoTEDâ„¢ in action. It is a mobile application, for example, for the elderly that monitors the mobile data and phone sensors. It learns the expected behaviour patterns and responds if something that is a cause for concern happens.

Request a IoTED demo from Comptel is a online magazine and reader community of disruptive discussions, amazing articles and vivid videos. It embodies the Nexterday mission statement that started with the Operation Nexterday book and has now developed into a movement. Learn how to think beyond conventional boundaries, operate in a world in a state of flux and emerge victorious from digital transformation in the telco business.

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Life is digital moments. We are on mission to perfect them. Every day, we take care of more than 20 % of the world's mobile usage data. One billion people get their digital and communications services through our solutions. Over 300 digital service providers across 90 countries have trusted us to perfect customers' digital moments and translate them to business moments. This gives us the confidence, courage and credibility to make our customers the champions of the digital age. 

Nexterday North 2016

We stopped overthinking and started doing. You are what you do, not what you say you do. This holds true for the Digital Telco as well who need to put thoughts into action.

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