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One of the highlights of the report is that Analysys Mason recognises Comptel as one of world's leading data processing  vendors

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Refining Raw Data into Business Value and Actions

Comptel's mediation has evolved to the full-blown Data Refinery software suite which provides a comprehensive data integration and processing solution that refines raw data into business value and intelligent actions.

Comptel’s modern, performance-proven and streaming Data Refinery software suite offers ultimate integration friendliness, and the capability to process vast amount of data from any source and in any format in real time.

Operators Trust Comptel's Data Refinery

150 service providers from all around the world trust Comptel’s real-time data processing to turn massive amount of raw data into purpose-driven and valuable actions.

Operators of all sizes and volumes including Bharti India, Indosat Indonesia, Telefonica Argentina, Mobily Saudi-Arabia, TDC Denmark and Ziggo Netherlands rely on Comptel’s versatile, robust and performant Data Refinery software suite.

Award-Winning Software Technology

Data Refinery uses the award-winning EventLink software technology platform for convergent mediation, roaming management and enterprise data processing.

The same EventLink software technology is used by Comptel's Fastermind and Monetizer software suites. All these 3 software suites benefit from EventLink's common capabilities like broad online/real-time/offline interface library, programmed and automated fast data processing, operational intelligence, business and operations reporting and SDK (Software Development Kit).