The Making of Digital Insurer

A-Claim by Comptel automates insurers' claim process with real-time decisions


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Half-Digitalised ≠ Fully Compensated

If your claim processing is half-digital, you only get 10% of the possible benefits. The model where filling in the insurance claim is digital but the decision-making is manual, labour-intensive and bureaucratic results in a slow and expensive claims experience with delayed decision-making on compensating customers.

Aiming for
Instant Gratification

The mindset of today’s customers is digital and mobile first. Digital insurees want an easy, fast and frictionless claim process, where the submission of the insurance claim triggers a real-time claim handling and compensation leading to instant gratification.

Fast Track to Automating Claim Decisions

Comptel's A-Claim solution provides a fast track to automating claim decision. The solution uniquely implements automatic claim decisions with business rules, anomaly detection and fraud prediction which identify the insurance cases for automatic handling from the ones which require manual processing. The solution is powered by Comptel’s FASTERMIND Advanced Analytics and DATA REFINERY Enterprise Data Processing software suites.