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Fill out the form below detailing your hunting team, contact details, digital innovation overview and where we can find your submission.

How to create the video?

Use your smartphone, tablet, notebook or desktop to record a 10 minute video introducing your innovative idea. Think about explaining the why, how and what of the idea and don't forget to introduce and sell yourselves too! Speak slowly and clearly for the Sharks to hear and understand every word - it's your pitching time!

What to explain on the video?

Discuss your idea in a structured, logical, convincing and understandable story. Why should we care about the idea you are presenting, what are the industry or market drivers behind it? How could STC and the industry address the opportunity? What is the innovative solution you are proposing and what business opportunities could it open up?

How to use Google Drive?

When you have your video masterpiece upload to a personal GoogleDrive. Ensure the video is viewable by a 3rd party and create a shareable link. Paste the link into the URL box on the submission form and submit your entry. The Shark's will review all entries in this way. Good luck!

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